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The Adventures of Wendy Willcox and her dog Willis

and her dog Willis

(Willis is on the right)

Thanks for the good times, Wesley. I hope you have better luck with your next fish. I really enjoyed getting those pictures of you with the webcam.

Here's some tips:

1. Try and remember what your name is. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who once said, "You can be Wesley Stephens and Timothy Mombuto Seso-Seko at different times, but you can't be Timothy Mombuto Seso-Seko and Nzanga at the same time."

2. Brush up on your spelling and grammer. Also, when you get angry, your capitalization and punctuation go to shit.

3. If you are going to be a doctor, then be a doctor through the whole exchange. Most professionals don't use the title on an occasional basis.

4. Try and be more entertaining in front of that webcam. Do a little jig, or something.

As far as trying to rip off an innocent woman travelling alone, let me put it terminology only you could understand:

Furtherance to the above, and sequel to your last email, endeavor to get modalities in order to KISS MY ASS!.

And please use the code 1969 before you pull my pants down.

Link to the whole story.

Link to the photos.